TEDx: Debate and Disagreement Today

Debating is not about winning arguments; it's about learning to disagree respectfully. I wanted to share that life lesson with a wider audience, so I made that the subject of my TEDx speech at Harvard [May 2014].

Bridging Asia: The Singapore Debates

Everybody should be able to have access to robust debates about policy issues, so they understand both sides. The Debate Association and Mediacorp's 2007 student reality debate show The Arena became the first local show to be nominated for an International Emmy Award.
Channel News Asia's 2012 live policy debate show, Bridging Asia: The Singapore Debates allowed experts to debate real issues facing Asia.


I am increasingly worried about the disrespectful, divisive, and unproductive comments that I am reading. I designed and built a completely new conceptual framework for commenting to help solve that. The dialectic.sg aims to have more productive conversations to build a better Singapore [live beta Apr 2014]

launch dialectic.sg

Think, Speak, Win: Discover the Art of Debate

There are many books that teach people how to speak persuasively, but few that explain how to think persuasively while on your feet. I wanted to distil the basics of debating into an introductory book. Think Speak Win is used at Raffles Institution and was a Kinokuniya bestseller. Available online at Amazon and at your library.

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